How Clients Said It!

How Clients Said It!

How Clients Said It!

“The farther I get from this, the more clarity I have.” – a young woman who got caught in an “emotional trap”

“The less you need them, the more you want to be with them.” –result of a female getting healthy in therapy

“I don’t have to have my way, but I do have to have my say.” –a female client becoming more assertive

“I want to put my whole life on ‘Do Not Disturb.’ “–a female client just entering therapy and feeling that she had few skills with which to cope with what life threw at her

“When someone is in orbit, you do not have earthly discussions with them.” –a male client realizing that timing of conversations is important

“Everything you ever wanted is on the other side of fear.” –a former intern expressing how fear can be such a barrier to success

“It put me in the hurt locker.” –a male client (Who said that men can’t express their feelings?)

“Mom never had my back emotionally, but I had my own back.” –a female client realizing that her strength grew out of her mother’s weakness

“Looking at the past is helpful, but living in the past is hurtful.” –a male client, understanding the value of family-of-origin work

“Me and the guilt had to break up.” –a female client making progress in therapy

“When will we start being parents to our kids instead of enemies to each other?” –a male client setting healthy goals in reference to his ex-wife of one month

“While I was judging me by my intentions, the world was judging me by my actions.” –a male client in his 40s beginning to understanding the difference between words and actions

“I came in here (therapy) in a basket, but now I am the weaver.” –a woman, feeling empowered, after having a season in therapy

“I’m not sure if I’ve ever met myself–really.” a female, new in therapy, exploring her identity

“If a husband can be stolen, then he is not worth having.” –a female client’s opinion

“I guess I can take the ‘reserved’ sign off of my heart now.” –a young single guy who just experienced a break-up

“Dad has always been for me, but not with me.” –a male client reflects on his relationship with his father

“I’d rather be doing nothing with you than something with somebody else.” –a client in love

“That is an anger that I can skip.” –married woman realizing through therapy that she could CHOOSE to be less reactive

“I can love my job, but it is never going to love me back.” –single 32-year-old woman, getting priorities straight (this is one of the most popular quotes!)

“I trust you enough to know that you will take care of my heart.” –single man in his 40s being vulnerable

“His ‘searching for significance’ was in a way that took the whole family out.” –divorcing woman in mid-50s

“If you don’t handle your anger, somebody will handle it for you!” –single man in his late 30s, understanding the importance of self-control in life

“I’m not the most important person in anyone’s life; if push comes to shove, no one would choose me for their lifeboat.” –single woman, age 29, feeling sad

“Dad decided he was an old man one day and then…….he was.” –an older male client, commenting on how we become who we think we are